Everything We Know So Far About LeBron James’ Concerning Injury

LeBron James

LeBron James’ foot injury is not looking good.

In James’ biggest ever comeback win with the Lakers on Sunday against the Mavs, he suffered a right foot injury which he then played through.

But he is now expected to be sidelined indefinitely, according to The Athletic’s Shams Charania.

Concerns over LeBron’s injury first peaked when he could be seen saying “I heard a pop”.

James left the arena that night with a nasty limp.

The 38-year-old has now missed more games in his last five season (98) than he did in his first 15 seasons (71).

James himself seems to know things are looking a bit grim, taking to Instagram on Monday to vent.

This isn’t the kind of post someone makes after a minor injury.

The NBA world is certainly concerned and Shannon Sharpe has declared something definitely isn’t right with King James.

“He does not look like the same LeBron James that we saw the guy play from his birthday until he injured that foot — I think it was February 7th,” Sharpe said. “His birthday was December 30th, February 7th when he broke Kareem’s record. He does not look like the same player from the fourth quarter on of that game to what we see now. … The foot is clearly bothering him. There are some things that he can’t do that he normally could do, and he’s not playing the same brand of basketball that we’ve seen from LeBron. And as long as LeBron James is not healthy, they’re not going anywhere…. I’m at a 10 on my concern meter.”

The Lakers currently sit 12th in the Western Conference at 29-32, just one game out of the play-in.

But with James sidelined and Anthony Davis never far from his next injury, LA is certainly in a dangerous position.