Steven Adams Tried to Warn Ja Morant Before Latest Gun Incident

Steven Adams

Amid all the Ja Morant gun drama, Grizzlies veteran Steven Adams called out the team’s younger players for their behavior on the road.

“There was a players only meeting recently where Steven Adams, their veteran center, he spoke out about how the team needs to show better discipline on the road, how they need to stay away from going out when they’re on the road,” Shams Charania said.

“This team is 12-20 on the road this year,” Charania continued. “They’re stellar at home but that’s a poor road record from them and I’m told those in the room, when Steven Adams spoke out they knew exactly who he was directing this to: it was no one other than Ja Morant and so clearly Ja Morant still went out in the early hours of Saturday, that video was posted with the gun and there’s questions.”

As a result of the Instagram live video where Morant flashed a gun at a strip club, the Colorado Police Department have now launched an investigation into the Grizzlies star.

Additionally, if he is found to have been carrying the gun on the plane with him from Memphis to Colorado, the NBA could sanction him as well because it has strict rules against bringing a firearm to team facilities and on team flights.

The 23-year-old has shown some remorse for his behavior and issued a statement on the matter yesterday.

The NBA and the Colorado Police continue to investigate the incident.