Trae Young Blamed For Hawks Chemistry Being ‘Broken’ and ‘Total Sh*t’

Trae Young

There’s been trouble brewing in Atlanta all season, according to multiple reports, and things are only getting worse.

It all comes back to Trae Young, according to a new piece from CBS Sports’ Bill Reiter.

“He is not beloved, sources say, and there’s a strong view that Young fails to lead, to understand or care to understand what is required of him, and that as a result the team will never achieve what it should until that reality is fixed,” Reiter wrote.

The report states the team’s vibe has been described by various sources as “broken,” “ugly” and “total sh*t”.

New Hawks coach Quin Snyder certainly has a lot to deal with right after arriving in Atlanta.

There was clearly tension between Young and former coach Nate McMillan, but Snyder is someone who is especially known for creating and building strong relationships, and those abilities will really be put to the test now.

It will be interesting to see whether Snyder and Hawks management come to the conclusion that they can make things work with Young, or if it would make more sense to move him on.

“Snyder, the thinking goes, can either connect with Young and help the mega-talent fit better with his teammates, or push to get him the hell out of the way come the summer,” Reiter explained. “Better, either way, to have the time to find out which option is best.”

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