Patrick Beverley Opens Up About Viral Camera Moment

Patrick Beverley

Patrick Beverley has opened up about his viral moment from the Lakers’ gut wrenching overtime loss to the Celtics on Saturday.

When the referees didn’t call a foul on LeBron James’ potential match-winning drive to the rim in the dying seconds with scores tied, Beverley got hold of a photographer’s camera, showed the refs the evidence of their mistake, and got a technical for his troubles.

“I’m like ‘does anyone have that?’,” Beverley said on his podcast, referring to a photo of the foul.

“And I ain’t talking about the iPad where it’s playing live, I’m like ‘does anyone have a photo of it?'”

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When one photographer said yes, he politely asked if he could take a look, before taking off with the camera and walking onto the court with it.

“The photo was literally like him laying it up, and hand on arm,” Beverley said. “I’m just happy I didn’t drop the camera because that motherf*cker’s kinda heavy.”

Beverley added that the photographer was a little annoyed that he briefly took his camera away, but said drastic times called for drastic measures.