‘Refs Gotta Start Getting Fined’: Tensions Boiling Over Between NBA Players and Referees


A series of egregious refereeing mistakes has elevated tensions between NBA players and officials.

The Lakers have been on the receiving end of four especially bad calls in the last two weeks, sparking major outrage in LA.

Anthony Davis labelled Sunday’s no-call in Boston “bullsh*t” and “unacceptable”, while saying the Lakers had been “cheated”.

He voiced pointed frustrations at the officials, claiming that “nothing is gonna happen to the refs”.

Meanwhile, Dennis Schroder overtly called for the referees to get fined for bad calls, much in the same way NBA players do when they criticise referees in their postgame media availability.

And it isn’t just Lakers players who are in disbelief over the officials. Kyle Kuzma was among the non LA-based players who had something to say.

“Refs been trippin lately sheesh,” Kuzma said on Twitter.

“…You got guys that flop and do soft stuff going to the line 8-9+ times a night, but guys that drive hard to the rim playing strong get nothing.”

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