Patrick Beverley Tells Wild Story About Receiving Death Threats After Injuring Russell Westbrook

Patrick Beverley has revealed he received death threats from an OKC ball boy after injuring Russell Westbrook during the 2013 NBA Playoffs.

Westbrook suffered a season-ending meniscus tear when Beverley collided with him in an attempt to steal the ball.

It sparked a near decade-long beef between Westbrook and Beverley, which was only buried when they became teammates in LA this year.

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“I had a ball boy threaten to kill me over the Russell Westbrook injury,” Beverley said on his podcast. “I get to OKC the next game, the police officers in front.

“They put a police car in front of my house in Houston. I get to the hotel, I’m on the floor by myself. They passing out papers of a young guy’s face … he threatened to kill me.”

Nothing ever happened though, and in an unlikely happy ending that only LeBron James could have predicted, Beverley and Westbrook ending up forging a bond as Lakers teammates.