Kevin Love: Playing For Blazers With Damian Lillard Would Be ‘Special’

Kevin Love of the Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love revealed his feelings about playing for his hometown Portland Trail Blazers at some point in his career.

The 32-year old UCLA product came on the “Posted Up with Chris Haynes” to discuss the opportunity to return to Portland.

Love revealed that it would be “special” if he had the chance to play for his hometown team.

“Who wouldn’t want to play with Dame Lillard, first of all,” Love said on “Posted Up.”

“Dame, he’s special. He’s amazing. I claim Portland when they ask me where I’m from. It’s where I spent all of my formative years. I grew up in Portland. When people ask where I was born, obviously, I say L.A. But Portland is always going to be a special place in my heart. Whether it be at the end of my career, whether it be in six months, or whatever it may be, if I was wearing a Portland jersey, that’s special. That’s playing at home.”

Love has two years remaining on a four-year, $120 million extension he signed in 2018.

However, it seems highly unlikely that Love finishes his contract in Cleveland, as the five-time All-Star does not fit the rebuilding timeline.

The Cavs are currently investing in a young core of Colin Sexton, Darius Garland, and Jarett Allen.

Love is also coming off the inbounding incident from last week.

With all of that in mind, Love and the Cavs could separate as early as this offseason.

“What’s the saying? ‘You want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.’ Obviously [Portland’s] a special place. I love CJ [McCollum]. Melo [Carmelo Anthony] has done an incredible job stepping in there and [coach] Terry Stotts. Portland has always had something special,” Love said on “Posted Up.”

“And I’m happy that they’ve had success this year even without their fans because if you’ve been to Portland, you’ve played in Portland, played against Portland, their fans come out. They’ve got to be some of the top fans in the league. Rip City has always been special. I used to go to the Memorial Coliseum growing up, the whole Rose Quarters. My first concert was there; I kissed my first girlfriend there. Portland is a special place for me. If I play there, or not ever, I’m always going to go back, and that’s always going to be a place that I represent no matter what.”

Wherever Love ends up next season, it will probably be the former champion’s last stop in an illustrious career.