Damian Lillard Featured In Two Top Shot Challenges

Damian Lillard is one of the most valuable players in the NBA, and now that value is crossing into the Non-Fungible Token Industry.

Lillard is now featured in two NBA Top Shot challenges.

NBA Top Shot is the blockchain-based platform fans use to buy, sell, and trade officially licensed video highlights called moments.

Challenges are a collection of moments, which, if you have them all and hold them for a certain period of time, will get you a bonus moment.

In the first Dame-featured challenge, those who had the ten moments from the 2021 All-Star Game set were awarded a Damian Lillard moment of his All-Star Game-ending half-court bomb.

Only 430 people completed the challenge, so there will only be 430 of these moments in existence which should help keep if not raise their value over time.

Lillard is also part of the Seeing Stars 2 challenge.

In this challenge, buyers need a Dame moment along with eleven other moments to get get a bonus LeBron James moment.

However, these moments are limited to about 10,000 each, a much higher amount than the All-Star Game moments, and thus expected to be less valuable.

NBA Top Shot was launched by Vancouver-based Dapper Labs and is backed by the NBA, but whether the convergence of NBA fandom, sports memorabilia, and digital investing will prove to be a safe and lasting investment is unknown.

Moments are designated into five tiers.

Common: these moments can have over 1000 digital copies and can be purchased in Common Packs at nine moments for $9.

Rare: these moments can have 150-999 digital copies and can be found in Rare Packs starting at $22.

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Legendary: these moments can have 25-99 digital copies and can be found in Legendary Packs starting at $230

Platinum Ultimate: these moments can have three digital copies and can only be purchased through auction.

Genesis Ultimate: these moments can have one digital copy and also can only be purchased through auction.

Luckily, you don’t have to own these moments to enjoy them.