Andre Drummond Injures His Right Big Toe in Lakers Debut

After months of speculation on whether he would sign with Los Angeles, Andre Drummond’s Lakers debut was cut short by a bruise to his right big toe.

Drummond suffered the injury during the first quarter of the Lakers’ 112-97 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks Wednesday night.

The 27-year-old veteran continued playing as the pain increased before finally checking on the injury.

“After halftime, I finally took my sock off to look and my whole toenail was gone,” said Drummond.

“So, it was just all bad from there. I couldn’t walk or run. So I just told Coach [Frank Vogel] to take me out.”

Though it’s a minor injury, Drummond said the pain was no joke, “I’ve lost a toenail before, but this one was very painful,” said Drummond. “I can’t even put shoes on. I have my flip-flops on right now. So It’s very, very painful.”

Drummond’s next step is simple, “Find out what’s the best thing to do and get back as quick as possible.”

According to Laker officials, an X-ray of the big toe came back negative and they are listing their new big man as day-to-day.

“Icing it, taking care of it, making sure I get it wrapped up, sealed up,” said Drummond.

It was the first game for Drummond in more than a month after the Cavs pulled him from their rotation on February 12, anticipating his departure and looking for a team to take on Drummond’s $29.5 million salary.

Drummond was waived by Cleveland and the Lakers signed him on March 28.

Despite the injury, Drummond felt good about the team’s start.

“In that first quarter, a lot of energy from our guys and myself. We’re having a lot of fun out there. Just unfortunate that it happened the first game,” said Drummond.

LA takes on the Sacramento Kings Friday, but there’s no word on whether Drummond will take the court.