Rockets Go Cold In Final 7 Minutes; Blow 16-Point Lead Vs Wolves

Rockets guard John Wall

The Rockets have made being a fan in Houston extremely difficult this season, and their latest blunder adds to a miserable reel this year.

The James Harden trade altered the franchise for years, and now that Victor Oladipo is gone the team is fully embracing a rebuild strategy.

Coming off a 20-game losing streak earlier this week, Houston managed to pull off a new low for all of Red Nation to witness at home.

Despite all of their struggles this season, the Rockets had a chance to win their second game in three against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Friday night.

Minnesota is the only team worse than Houston in terms of record.

At the 7:31 mark of the fourth quarter, Houston led 101-85.

Most teams with a 16-point lead with under eight minutes take control and win the game.

Here is the last thing the Rockets Twitter feed posted before everything fell apart.

Now, take a look at the post after the game:

So what happened?

In layman’s terms, Houston just stopped scoring.

The last seven minutes of the game saw the Rockets fail to tack on a single point—not a single field goal or free throw.

Meanwhile, the T-Wolves scrambled and came back to win the game and put themselves within 1.5 games of sending Houston to the Western Conference basement.

While it has been a season to forget, fans can look forward to those Brooklyn Nets picks as it seems the Rockets are headed towards the lottery at this rate.

Fast-forwarding the season at this point would be welcomed by most Rockets fans.

As of last night’s game, Houston is now the loser of 22 of their last 23 games and can sit on a questionable return for Oladipo after Thursday’s trade deadline sent him to Miami.

Still, the Rockets can at least try to redeem themselves for their collapse Friday night as they tip-off against the T-Wolves again Saturday at the Target Center.