Tyler Herro Set For Another Potential Stint On Sidelines After Covid-19 Situation

Tyler Herro Heat

The Miami Heat may be losing guard Tyler Herro for an undetermined period of time, after a roommate of his reportedly tested positive for Covid-19.

Herro spoke to the Miami Herald after the Heat’s clutch win over the Sacramento Kings on Saturday, stating that he had learned about the diagnosis at half-time, and was unsure whether or not he would have to quarantine as a result.

“Someone who lives with me tested positive before the game and I found out at halftime,” Herro said.

“I don’t know. Hopefully I don’t have to quarantine. It’s just crazy what’s going on.”

Herro played the second half of the game against Sacramento, but he didn’t train with the team yesterday, and is officially listed as questionable for today’s hit-out against Charlotte.

It is the latest in a series of speed bumps for last year’s NBA finalists, who have been short-handed, and hamstrung by Covid-19 restrictions pretty much since day dot of this season.

They just got Jimmy Butler back, but they are still missing Goran Dragic, Avery Bradley and Moe Harkless with injuries. They have run a different starting lineup 14 times this season (the most of any side), and are still yet to take the floor with a full-strength team, and everyone available.

Big man Bam Adebayo said it was all part of the process of dealing with a unique and strange season.

“We’re living with the punches right now,” Adebayo said.

“When we get fully healthy, we’re going to be alright. I feel like going through that is going to be better for us along the road just because we’ve had so many people in and out, changing the starting lineup 14 times, manoeuvring people around,” he continued.

“It’s going to get to a point where everybody, I feel like, is going to be cohesive and comfortable and able to adapt around each other’s play style even though nobody wants to have people sitting out during COVID. But this is the way of life right now. This is the way we got to handle it. We got to always think next man up.”