Kyrie Irving Calls Out Media After Being Fined for Not Speaking to Media

Kyrie Irving

The curious case of Kyrie Irving continues.

This week, Irving made headlines after announcing he would not be speaking to media during the 2020-21 NBA season.

Fair enough considering the circumstances with COVID-19.

But alas, Irving has found out the hard way that there are penalties for not complying with the league’s media rules.

On Thursday, the NBA fined Irving and the Brooklyn Nets $25,000 each.

Irving responded to the fine with an impassioned Instagram post, captured here by Travonne Edwards.


Now, it’s worth noting that Irving seems to have an honorable intent.

Yes: truth, justice, and humanity are principles that should guide us all.

But when Irving suggests that his attention is worth more than the members of the media who directly influence his $33 million contract, he comes across as a bit elitist.

Irving has had a love-hate relationship with the media since entering the league; which was only exacerbated by a tenuous two-year tenure with the Boston Celtics.

As always, it’s important to offer an alternative perspective.

Throughout his career, Irving has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charities and community outreach programs.

He’s also advocated for social justice initiatives on and off the court.

But still, it’s disappointing to see a talent such as Irving continuously express ire for the people who support his enormous paycheck.

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