Carmelo Anthony Says Damien Lillard Is The Best He’s Ever Played With

Slim Carmelo-Anthony

There would have been very few NBA fans who were disappointed by the news last year that All-Star Carmelo Anthony had signed with the Portland Trail Blazers for the 2019/20 season.

Floating from rumour mill to rumour mill, it seemed no team would take a chance on Anthony, who had come off a failed stint with Houston as his last stint in the league. Enter Portland.

Fitting into a starting role with the Rip City franchise, Anthony found new legs, averaging 15/6/2 in 58 regular season games.

Playing alongside bonafide stars Damien Lillard and CJ McCollum, Anthony lauded the maturity and basketball knowledge the pair have, and added that their respective traits as a trio brought nice balance to the roster as a whole.

“It’s easy, [playing with the pair]” Anthony said.

“When it comes to basketball we know the situation. Dame, CJ, [and] I fall in line. But, I bring something different to the team. I bring a different type of leadership to the team. I bring a work ethic to the team. I bring a mental stimulation to the team,” he continued.

Now 36, Anthony is firmly in the twilight years of what has been a stellar NBA career, and he hopes to impart some valuable lessons on the next generation that he now finds himself lacing up alongside on a nightly basis.

In finishing, Anthony said Lillard was the best player he’s ever shared the court with.

“His capabilities [make him the best],” Anthony said.

“I’ve played with a lot of great players and I don’t want to go down the line because some of them would get mad at me. So when I say that, I mean what he’s capable of doing. I’ve never played with nobody who saw the game, and feel the game out the way that he does.”