Timberwolves Angling Towards Wiseman With No.1 Pick – Report

As reported by this masthead last week, consensus top three draft pick James Wiseman has his concerns about being drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves – given the presence of all-star Karl Anthony-Towns at the franchise already.

However, Jonathan Wasserman has today reported that The Wolves (who have the rights to the no.1 pick), are leaning towards taking Wiseman at the top.

“Multiple sources have told Bleacher Report the name they keep hearing now for the Timberwolves is James Wiseman,” Wasserman wrote. 

“Some within the Golden State Warriors think Wiseman is going No. 1, whether Minnesota keeps the pick or not,” one source added.

The chat around the top prospects continues to amp up as we near one of the stranger drafts in league history. LaMelo Ball’s stock is rumoured to be falling as a result of poor interviews – but there’s every chance a team could trade up to take him no.1. Onyeka Okongwu’s stock on the other hand appears to be rising.

In one of the more open drafts in recent memory – Wiseman is a nice commodity. He is a genuine 7-footer who rim runs and defends above his age. He has a lot of upside, and could contribute straight away to a struggling team. Whether or not that is the Timberwolves remains to be seen.