Detroit Pistons Float Prospect Of Trading Up For LaMelo Ball

The Detroit Pistons have weighed in to the top of the 2020 NBA Draft ranks, saying that they are entertaining the idea of trading up the board to draft gun guard LaMelo Ball.

The Pistons, who hold the rights to the no.7 pick in the draft, are sorely lacking depth in their back-court, and would be bolstered by a star attraction in the form of Ball.

Pistons GM Troy Weaver said that as a result of the above, “moving up is definitely an option.”

Continuing, Weaver lauded a free camp that Ball gave in Rochester Hills last month, and it is believed that they are keen to interview ball soon.

“I’m always happy to hear players embrace our organization, our city. That never goes unnoticed. I know people around him. His trainer is a Detroit native, so I’m sure he’s been here for a while working out,” Weaver said.

“I’m sure he’s well versed in the city from traveling around, being with his trainer and hearing different things, so no, that doesn’t go unnoticed and that’s always a positive when prospects speak highly of the city and the organization.”

Ball is a consensus top 3 pick in the draft, and ESPN have him listed as the projected no.1 pick on their current big board.