LeBron Jokingly Says He Will Cherry-Pick First Half of Next Season

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Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James and business partner Maverick Carter recently sat down with former President of the United States Barack Obama to discuss topics ranging from the NBA Finals to the upcoming election.

James, 35, was the recipient of the Bill Russell Finals MVP award for leading the Lakers to their 17th championship.

With the prospect of an expedited off-season due to COVID-19, James joked that he may have to take some plays off in the first half of the season to catch his breath.

The dialogue from this exchange has been transcribed via Silver Screen & Roll:

Carter: “LeBron, the season is coming up, you got 10 more years? Five more years? You looked like you’ve got about five to 10 the last time we saw you on the court.”

Obama: “You know what though? He’s definitely gonna have some minutes restrictions. I’m not sure he’s getting back on D the first half of the season.”

LeBron: “(laughing) The first half of the season, I’m cherry-picking the whole first half of the season (laughs).”

Obama: “Hey, you’ve got to save yourself for when it counts.”

LeBron: “Yes sir.”

Of course James was joking when he said he’d “cherry-pick” in NBA games – but it’s still funny to hear light-hearted banter between the world’s greatest basketball player and the former President.

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