Kawhi Leonard Eager for Clippers to Add Point Guard

After a week of stories about the Clippers locker room and the fissures that appeared during their ill-fated postseason run in the bubble, reports have emerged today about Kawhi Leonard’s desire to have an elite point guard added to the roster before next season.

When you look at the breakdown of their roster, that call makes sense.

Leonard has always been a clear-out, iso player, and Paul George isn’t an elite passer – tending to fit more into the 3-and-d category of the modern basketballer. Current point guards Patrick Beverley and Lou Williams also aren’t needle movers in the way of facilitating, either.

Indeed, that is one of the reasons why their offense would sometimes fall stagnant in key moments during last postseason. They were the 26th team in the entire association when it came to passing, and even despite Leonard’s significant improvements in that aspect of his game in the last two years, there was never a reliable set of hands in clutch moments that Doc Rivers and The Clippers could look to to find the best shot in any given 24 second shot clock.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith agrees with Leonard. “They [The Clippers] clearly need a point guard,” Smith said. “Everybody knows it, and Kawhi Leonard privately has clamored for one. It’s not that he wants the to get rid of Patrick Beverley. But Patrick Beverley is basically a defensive ace who’s small and has to play opposing guards. So, they need a point guard that can run a team and can shoot.”
“Patrick Beverley is that defensive energizer bunny that comes off the bench to do it for you.”
The point guard market is relatively thin when it comes to unrestricted free agents this off-season, with Fred Van Vleet and Goran Dragic really being the only two names that jump to mind as possible suitors.
However, it’s up to new head coach Tye Lue and his associates to find the right piece to place with Leonard and George heading into next year.