LeBron James Recalls Anthony Davis’s March Madness Performance

Anthony Davis, LeBron James

 LeBron James and Anthony Davis have become one of the best duos in the NBA, and are one game away from a title. But their relationship goes back way farther then just this year. James recalls Davis performance in the NCAA tournament and just how dominant he was.

“You look at his run throughout that March Madness, and he was just beyond the best player in college basketball,” James added. “Then you get into 2012 (at the London Olympics) when he’s a young Anthony Davis and he soaked up everything. He was not a rookie that came in and thought he knew it all or felt like he was National Player of the Year, national champion.”

Davis was once in a life time player in college and has become one of the best players in the NBA. He is elite on both ends of the floor and had helped this Lakers team take another step towards greatness. His run in the NBA has been phenomenal and he wins everywhere he goes, as you saw how bad the Pelicans were without him.

James has played with some great players but none stack up close to the talent level of Davis. So barring a monumental melt down, the Lakers made the right call in the trade and will be holding up the trophy very soon.

So James instincts were right about Davis from the start. Now it will lead to a championship most likely and another superstar duo to don the purple and gold, with so many that have come before them.

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