LeBron James Says Playing Without Fans Is a Major Adjustment

LeBron James Bubble

LeBron James hasn’t exactly been on fire in the NBA bubble, averaging just over 20 points per game.

One possible reason for James’ marginal struggles could be that the environment of the bubble is so much different than what he’s accustomed to.

“I am getting more and more used to being out there,” James told reporters this week.

“It’s a very weird dynamic. I haven’t played in an empty gym in a very, very long time.”

“It’s been a very long time since no one has been watching me play the game. I’m just trying to find that rhythm and lock in.”

The Lakers are 2-4 in the bubble and many players cite fans as a huge impact on their playing performance.

“The fans are missed,” James said.

“I hope that someday the pandemic and Covid get under wraps, and we can take all the precautions that’s needed and get it figured out in America where we can get our fans back into our arenas and stadiums and things of that nature. It’s huge for sports.”

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