The Most Savage NBA Player Tweets Of All-Time

savage tweets

There are no two ways about it, some NBA players straight-up have no chill and it shows in their savage tweets.

Twitter beefs and roastings are almost commonplace in this wonderfully entertaining league, and we have a glorious backlog of savage tweets to prove it.

CJ McCollum claps back at Chandler Parsons

Melo destroys a random fan

A young Kyle Kuzma disses LeBron

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Ty Lawson puts some unnamed sucka on blast

Joel Embiid responds to Donald Trump winning the election

Embiid trolls Trump again, this time after being snubbed from the All-Star Game

Kings always up to something on Twitter

JR Smith going just a little bit too far

Dirk cops a roasting from his trainer

The Timberwolves troll Ja Rule following his awful half-time show in Milwaukee

Dame trolls Russ

Dame goes in on LeBron after Miami’s 2011 Finals loss

savage tweets

savage tweet

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