Donovan Mitchell’s Relationship with Rudy Gobert May Not Be Salvageable – Report

rudy gobert donovan mitchell

Donovan Mitchell’s relationship with Jazz teammate Rudy Gobert “doesn’t appear to be salvageable”, according to one source who spoke to The Athletic’s Shams Charania.

Mitchell is reportedly still angry at Gobert’s careless in the face of COVID-19, prior to both players being diagnosed with the virus.

Utah’s braintrust is working to repair the damage, though Mitchell reportedly remains reluctant to come to the party.’

But there is still plenty of hope within the Jazz camp that things will work themselves out.

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One man who isn’t worried at all is Utah wing Joe Ingles.

“I’m confident our team is going to be totally fine,” [Joe] Ingles said. “I heard Donovan’s response (on GMA), or whatever it was, to that question, and a part of that is on Donovan and Rudy to sort out if he’s frustrated with him or whatever. But I have no doubt when we go back to training, or when our season starts again, our team is going to be what we have been and what we are. … I’m confident our team will be completely fine. The chemistry will be fine.”

Coronavirus may have sparked this whole thing, but at least the hiatus it has caused gives Utah plenty of time to mend things.