Poll: Sports Fans Won’t Attend Games Without Coronavirus Vaccine

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In a poll conducted by Seton Hall University and consisting of 762 participants, 72% of fans said they would not attend a sporting event without a Coronavirus vaccine.

It is a scary situation that will change how sports is watched for a long time.

Things will be different once it’s contained and there is a vaccine, but who knows when that will be?

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Sports have come to a halt for about a month now and the pandemic has been life-altering.

There is no telling how long the pandemic will grab hold of the world and continue to keep going.

As for sports, there was a 76% approval rating of people polled that would watch on TV with no fans.

Meanwhile, the NBA can’t be left in a season where there is no championship.

No player would ever feel a sense of closure, and LeBron James said exactly that this week.

Even if that means no home court, player pay cuts, and no fans, you’d have to think players and the association will agree to something.