The Best NBA Tweets Of The Decade

There isn’t a sporting league in the world that makes better use of Twitter than the NBA.

And while the league and its teams do some exceptional work on the platform, nothing compares to the content offered up by the players.

Here is some of their best work from the past decade.

Blake Griffin reacts to being traded by the Clippers 


Griffin and the Clippers hold DeAndre Jordan hostage in his own home 

Dirk gets drug tested

Dirk cops a roasting from his trainer

CJ McCollum utters those three famous words


The Timberwolves troll Ja Rule following his awful half-time show in Milwaukee 

CJ McCollum claps back at Chandler Parsons 

Kevin Durant watching the History Channel in the club, the way one does 

KD gets exposed

This Durant tweet didn’t age well 

Melo destroys a random fan 

A young Kyle Kuzma disses LeBron 


Joel Embiid responds to Donald Trump winning the election 

Embiid trolls Trump again, this time after being snubbed from the All-Star Game 

JaVale McGee with the stat of the night


Dame trolls LeBron after Miami’s 2011 Finals loss 

Dame trolls Russ 

Kings fire shots at Sixers 

Oh dear God, Magic 

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