Daily Wrap: Is It Time To Panic For Team USA?

By now you’re probably familiar with the grim news coming out of Team USA’s camp.

They were blown out by a select team of overseas and G-League players on Wednesday, going down 36-17 in a 10-minute scrimmage.

While it’s hard to comment on a game that we didn’t actually see, this is hardly an encouraging start.

And yet, it’s hardly the end of the world either.

This was the very first “game” the Americans had played together.

And remember, even the Dream Team lost to a collection of college players ahead of the 1992 Olympics.

Coach Chuck Daly was reportedly trying to lose that game, but the players weren’t.

And don’t rule out Pop putting in a similar fix to motivate his players.

Either way, it’s only very early days.

And while this loss should never have happened, anything is possible if the players aren’t locked in.

But ultimately, Team USA still has All-Stars, future All-Stars and the best coach in the world.

They’re going to be just fine.

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