Daily Wrap: The Celtics’ Worst Nightmare Has Been Realised

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After stealing away every Nets pick for what felt like the rest of the century, the Celtics were feeling pretty good about themselves not long ago.

They turned their assets into one hell of a lineup, boasting a starting five littered with young stars.

After making last year’s Eastern Conference finals without Kyrie Irving or Gordon Hayward, most of us assumed they’d be a lock to come out of the East for years to come.

But Irving insisted on sabotaging the team’s chemistry, Gordon Hayward was a shell of himself, and the rest of the team just never clicked.

Now Boston is really staring down the barrel, with Irving likely heading to Brooklyn (of all teams) and Al Horford almost certainly on his way out too.

To make matters worse they also missed out on Anthony Davis after chasing him for years, their sworn enemies landing him instead.

They still have Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, but man, the Celtics’ decade of dominance really does appear to be over before it even began.

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The Knicks plan to sell Anthony Davis on joining them in 2020, having already had their free agency dreams crushed for this summer.

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Khris Middleton is declining his $13M player option because he’s obviously worth a shitton more than that.

Zion Williamson wants you to know he’s ready to be the face of the Pelicans. He also wants you to know he didn’t go to one of the finest restaurants in New Orleans just to order chicken fingers.

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Ja Morant thrives off your negative energy.

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