Daily Wrap: The Highs And Lows Of The Bucks And Raptors

There are days when the Bucks look downright unstoppable.

Giannis will go nuclear, Khris Middleton will look like a superstar and their supporting cast will rain down three-point holy hell from the outside.

Other days, Giannis will find himself completely stonewalled from the rim, Middleton will finish with nine points and everyone else will go cold.

Then there’s the Raptors.

Marc Gasol is too old perform consistently in the postseason, Pascal Siakam is too inexperienced to perform consistently in the postseason, and who the hell knows what we’re getting from Kyle Lowry?

The only real constants in this series are Kawhi Leonard’s brilliance and Eric Bledsoe’s shittiness.

Who turns up in Game 5 is anyone’s guess.

Today’s news

The NBA All-Defensive Teams have been revealed. The first team consists of Rudy Gobert, Paul George, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Marcus Smart and Eric Bledsoe.

Giannis‘ former agent has something to say about Drake’s trolling.

Josh Hart just ripped into 45-year-old dudes with no athletic bones in their body and a penchant for analytics, accidentally delivering a perfect description of his new coach Frank Vogel.

Michigan is expected to hire former Fab Five member Juwan Howard.

The Raptors have, for some reason, given Drake a $769,000 jacket.

Toronto restaurants are offering Kawhi Leonard free food for life in an attempt to keep him in town.

What the hell is wrong with Eric Bledsoe?

Next game 

Raptors at Bucks – Thursday 8:30pm (USA) / Friday 10:30am (AUS)

USA times: ET / Australian times: AEST

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