Ranking The Pettiest Moments Of The 2018-19 NBA Season

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The NBA is as petty as it is entertaining, and those two things are far from mutually exclusive.

Following Houston’s immediately infamous report detailing every time the officials supposedly screwed them over in last year’s Western Conference finals, there’s never been a more fitting time to take a look at the pettiest moments of the season.

Let’s do this.

10. The Blazers’ Twitter account owns Russell Westbrook

I’ve been saying it for years, give Portland’s social media guy/girl a raise.

9. Pacers fans chant ‘LeBron’s gonna trade you’ at Brandon Ingram

One of the all-time chants.

8. Russell Westbrook has a go on Lance Stephenson’s air-guitar

Someone print this out, frame it, and put it in The Louvre.

7. Kings troll Steph Curry with moon landing video

Who knew that the most prominent voice in the advancement of science that week would be the Sacramento Kings.

6. James Harden has the audacity to ask for a “fair chance” from the officials 

James Harden asking for a fair go from the referees is like Apple asking for more favourable tax treatment.

5. Anthony Davis wears a ‘that’s all folks’ to the Pelicans’ finale

Davis, the man who had claimed he was trying to take control of his career, later said he had no control over which clothes he wore each day.

The t-shirt incident was only slightly juicier than when New Orleans removed Anthony Davis from their pre-game hype video and social media banners.

In that moment, the Pelicans were like your friend who got dumped and bitterly deleted every photo of his ex from his Instagram.

4. Mario Hezonja steps over Giannis Antetokounmpo

What a moment for Mario Hezonja, a man who treads the line between bravery and stupidity.

Then there was Giannis’s response…

3. The Warriors send tapes to the NBA complaining about Patrick Beverly’s defence 

Just get on with playing basketball, how bow dah.

2. Draymond spits fire at Kevin Durant

According to endless reports at the time, this shouting match was even more vicious than it looked and had the potential to permanently damage Durant and Green’s relationship.

1. Rockets document  every moment they were supposedly robbed by the refs in last year’s Western Conference finals 

Nice one Houston, way to come off as petty AND nerdy all at the same time.

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