Everyone Is Roasting Houston For Complaining To NBA About Last Year’s WCF

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It’s been well over 24 hours since the Rockets-Warriors series opener concluded and yet Houston’s relentless whinging about the refs has not abated.

If anything, it has only intensified, specifically in the form of an exhaustive audit by the Rockets which was obtained by ESPN on Monday and identified 81 potential missed calls and non-calls in last year’s Western Conference finals.

That’s right, we’re not even talking about this year’s series, this is all about Game 7 from last year.

The audit was packaged with a rather intense memo, which according to Zach Lowe and Rachel Nichols, claimed “referees likely changed the eventual NBA champion” and that “there can be no worse result for the NBA”.

As a result, the general ill will towards the Rockets couldn’t be much higher, as fans and media members alike roast Houston for their near-unprecedented pettiness and insistence on blaming the officials.

Here are some of the finest examples:



Combine this whole Twitter-fuelled shitstorm with recent digs from Steve Kerr and Daryl Morey, and things couldn’t be spicier ahead of Game 2.

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