Dwyane Wade Explains His Major Hairstyle Change

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When Dwyane Wade took to the court earlier this week, he had a distinctly different look.

Wade has always idolised Allen Iverson.

Now, he resembles him.

“I’m trying my inner Allen Iverson,” Wade told The Sun-Sentinel this week.

“There’s a lot of factors. I’ve been growing my hair. I’m growing my hair to do different looks and I decided to do a different look.

“Once I got it done, I was like, ‘You know what? I’m going to do it in a game.’ I’ve gotten my hair braided like three times in practice, but I haven’t worn it in a game. But I felt I was game ready.”

Wade elaborated on his Iverson fandom in a recent Instagram post.

“I remember being in my driveway trying to master A.I. Crossovers over and over until I got it right,” Wade wrote. “After MJ, AI is my favorite player. One of two reasons that I wear the number 3. I modelled my game after him and Mike.”

Wade said he wasn’t sure how long the braids would last, but he’s rolling with it for now.

This might just be the very definition of “real recognise real”.

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