Steph Curry Responds To Shaq Saying His Lakers Would Beat Warriors

Steph Curry has made headlines once again this week, but this time it has nothing to do with the moon landing (thank Christ).

It all started when Shaq claimed his early 2000s Lakers team would have ‘easily’ beaten the Warriors.

Naturally, Curry had some thoughts on the matter.

“Oh, he’s dead wrong,” he told ESPN with a smile.

“Of course. We’d beat them. We can go back-and-forth all day.”

Curry’s comments coincide with Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook stating the Warriors would be a 12.5-point favourite over Shaq’s 2001 Lakers squad.

Curry did acknowledge, however, that it’s hard to compare teams from different points in time.

“For me, I think it’s a tough conversation because I’ve always found it hard to compare eras to each other,” Curry said.

“But in terms of having three banners up there and create parallels and comparisons to how they dominated the league through their run to what we’re doing now, I think that speaks a lot on its own.”

And while some of you may not agree with Steph, just be happy he didn’t deny the 2001 Lakers ever happened.

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