Rudy Gobert Says ‘It’s Going To Get Ugly’ If Refs Keep Missing Calls

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Much like the rims he abuses on a nightly basis, Rudy Gobert’s relationship with NBA referees is reaching breaking point.

The towering Frenchman was fined for criticising officials on Wednesday, ejected from a game after three minutes on Thursday, and is at it again this week.

After fouling out in 21 minutes during a loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday, Gobert unleashed on the refs once more in a livid postgame rant.

“Tonight, someone grabbed my arm, pulled me down — that was a very dangerous play, and I got called for the foul,” Gobert told the Salt Lake Tribune’s Eric Walden.

“So if I gotta do justice myself, I’m gonna do justice myself. And it’s gonna get ugly. Hopefully I don’t have to do that. I just want to play basketball.”

God only knows what he means by that, but it’s certainly a quote fit for a Liam Neeson film.

Gobert is hardly alone when it comes to players who disagree with almost every foul call.

But few have offered such fiery words during their ensuing tantrum.

Keep an eye on the big man when the Jazz return to the floor Wednesday night for more Gobert-ref related carnage.

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