Brett Brown’s Grand Plan For Ben Simmons

As good as Ben Simmons is, he’s yet to show he can hit the outside shot when the bright lights are on.

Simmons didn’t make a single three during his rookie season, taking almost of his shots at the rim.

It’s natural to wonder how much better he could be with a reliable jumper, but 76ers coach Brett Brown says it isn’t everything, and his plans for Simmons extend well beyond shooting.

“His jump shot’s not going to define him,” Brown AP Sports this week. “At some point, it will sure help.

“But I have aspirations, ambitions for him where I want him to feature on an all-defensive team. I personally want to post him more.

“I look forward to using him as a screener and giving Markelle the ball and let him roll out of it, that Blake Griffin-sort of half-roll and go to dunk.”

Brown said also wants to see Simmons his free-throw shooting, having made just 56 percent from the line last season.

“Imagine if he can score one more point, it translates to like three to five more wins,” Brown said.

“When I look at how you’re going to do that, that’s one way that interests me, let’s just get him more free throws.

“Can you finish, can you be a better free-throw shooter than you were in the regular season? He has to be.”

Simmons has been working on shooting the ball all summer with his brother Liam, who will now be training the talented Aussie full-time.

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