WNBA Player Devereaux Peters Calls Out Men Who Constantly Disrespect Her

Time and time again, Phoenix Mercury forward Devereaux Peters has been challenged to prove she’s better than her male competitors.

And time and time again, she’s done exactly that.

But despite an incredible work ethic and similarly ace skillset taking her all the way to the WNBA six years ago, that hasn’t stopped men – including randoms on the street and at the gym – from challenging her to games of one-on-one.

It happens all the time.

And as Peters alluded to in a Washington Post article on Thursday, there seems to be an unlimited supply of insecure men who cannot accept the radical notion that a woman might be better than them.

“I’m not going to play you one-on-one. I’m never going to play you one-on-one,” she wrote. “I have been playing basketball my entire life, and for just as long I have been challenged by men who think they are better than me.

“I had to prove my skill in middle school against the boys who thought girls don’t play basketball. I had to prove my skill in high school when the guys’ egos were hurt because the girls basketball team was more successful and more popular than theirs.

“I had to prove it in college when grown men started challenging me to one-on-one games because there was no way this college woman was better than they were. Time and time again, I have trounced men — far too many to count. Now I have nothing to prove.”

Peters went on to point out that she was only ever challenged by “rough-and-tumble nobodies”, with collegiate and NBA players having far too much respect for their fellow professionals to ever do something so idiotic.

You can read Peters’ full article here.

And I highly recommend you do.

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