Jabari Parker Explains Why Derrick Rose Will Always Be His Hero

For Jabari Parker, Derrick Rose will forever be one of his greatest inspirations.

The Chicago native, who recently signed with his hometown Bulls, told ESPN that Rose remained “a hero for a lot of people, including myself.”

Parker spent his teenage years watching Rose play for the Bulls, who drafted the highly touted local when Parker was just 13 years old.

Jabari said the leaner years of Rose’s career will never be able to take away from what he achieved at his best.

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“His legacy is gonna be, it’s going to be with the tops and historically with the best no matter what,” he said.

“We embrace Derrick so much no matter what he does; he can stop playing now. He’s going to be a legend.”

“I always remember the good times. [Rose is] an MVP. Not many people can say they’re MVP of the league, and that’s all I remember is how he carried the city, who he was to us growing up, and that’s just going to be my hero.”

In a fitting twist, it’s now up to Parker to continue that legacy for his hometown.

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