Every Free Agent Signing So Far And Accompanying Knee Jerk Reactions – Part II (2018)

As free agency continues there’s still plenty of moving and shaking to unpack.

For your convenient consumption, here’s everything that’s happened since our last free agency breakdown, with a couple of trades thrown in as well.

And if you missed Part I, be sure to check it out here:

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Free agent signings

Isaiah Thomas: 1yr/$2M – Denver Nuggets

IT gets another shot to prove there’s still a little of that Celtics-era game left in him.

You know, as opposed to whatever the hell happened in Cleveland.

Zach LaVine: 4yrs/$80M – Chicago Bulls

Could LaVine even be the third best player on a championship team? Um, no.

Does he deserve $20 million a year anyway? Apparently yes!

Shoutout to the Kings – a team which blends stupidity and recklessness better than anyone – for making this happen.

Tony Parker: 2yrs/$10M – Charlotte Hornets

This should be illegal.

Kyle Anderson: 4yrs/$37.2M – Memphis Grizzlies 

Has anyone actually checked to make sure the city of San Antonio is still standing?

Jusuf Nurkic: 4yrs/$53M – Portland Trail Blazers

Nurkic has plenty to prove next season after being rendered effectively useless during last year’s first round sweep at the hands of the Pelicans.

Nemanja Bjelica: 1yr/$4.4M – Philadelphia 76ers

The former EuroLeague MVP should go some way to filling the void left by Marco Belinelli and Ersan Ilyasova.

Jonas Jerebko: 1yr/$2.1M – Golden State Warriors


Kyle O’Quinn: 1yr/$4.5M – Indiana Pacers

This signing would’ve barely scored a mention if it wasn’t for O’Quinn saying this about his departure from the Knicks:

“I wanted to play for something more than next year’s draft.”

Shots. Fired.

Zaza Pachulia: 1yr/$2.4M – Detroit Pistons

It remains unclear who the Pistons have hired Zaza to injure.

Brook Lopez: 1yr/$3.5M – Milwaukee Bucks

Remember when this dude was regarded as one of the best big men in the league?

Luc Mbah a Moute: 1yr/$4.3M – Los Angeles Clippers

Congratulations to Mbah a Moute, who just went from one of the best teams in the West to one of the most depressing.


Charlotte Hornets receive: Bismack Biyombo and two second-round picks

Orlando Magic receive: Timofey Mosgov and Jerian Grant

Chicago Bulls receive: Julyan Stone

So Mosgov gets traded for the second time this summer (that must make you pretty nervous about signing a lease or even unpacking your bags) and Biyombo makes his not-at-all emotional return to Charlotte.


Philadelphia 76ers receive: Wilson Chandler

Denver Nuggets receive: 2021 second-round draft pick

Cap space for Denver and a still-somewhat-handy player for Philly.

Brooklyn Nets receive: 2019 protected first-round pick, second round pick, Darrell Arthur and the ghost of Kenneth Faried

Denver Nuggets receive: Isaiah Whitehead and shitloads of cap space

Denver clears $21 million in salary and Brooklyn continues to aquire much-needed first-round picks (having traded most of theirs, along with all the stationary in their office and anything else they could find back in the day, in exchange for Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett).

Atlanta Hawks receive: Jeremy Lin

Brooklyn Nets receive: 2020 second-round pick

During Linsanity, many were crying out for the Knicks to sign Lin to a long-term deal…and he’s already been on five teams since.

More signings 

Wayne Ellington: 1yr/$6.2M – Miami Heat

Ian Clark: 1yr/$1.8M – New Orleans Pelicans

Davis Bertans: 2yrs/$14.5M – San Antonio Spurs

Bryn Forbes: 2yrs – San Antonio Spurs

James Ennis: 2yrs – Houston Rockets

Torrey Craig: 2yr/$4M – Denver Nuggets

Top remaining free agents 

Clint Capela

Marcus Smart

Jabari Parker

Greg Monroe

Dwyane Wade

Rodney Hood

Patrick McCaw

Jahlil Okafor

Jamal Crawford

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