Every Free Agent Signing So Far And Accompanying Knee Jerk Reactions – Part I (2018)

There’s been far too much free agency carnage for anyone with any definable hobbies/social activities/family members to keep up with.

That’s where we come in, clutching a list containing every free agent signing so far and frantically waving it in your face.

Here we go…

LeBron James: 4yrs/$154M – Los Angeles Lakers

It’s nice to see things work out for the Lakers for once.

Kevin Durant: 2yrs/$61.5M – Golden State Warriors

Good luck, everyone else.

Paul George: 4yrs/$137M – Oklahoma City Thunder

It’s pretty hard to imagine anyone wanting to play with Russell Westbrook, but here we are.

Chris Paul: 4yrs/$160M – Houston Rockets

Handing Chris Paul this much cash when he’s already 33 years old is pretty terrifying, but what choice did they have?

DeMarcus Cousins: 1yr/$5.3M – Golden State Warriors


Nikola Jokic: 5yrs/$148M – Denver Nuggets

The Joker in Denver is arguably more terrifying than the Joker in Batman, and was always heading towards a massive pay day.

Rajon Rondo: 1yr/$9M – Los Angeles Lakers

Rondo and Lance in the same locker room, yes please!

Dwight Howard: 1yr/$5.3M – Beijing Ducks 


Dwight Howard: 1yr/$5.3M – Washington Wizards

This is Dwight’s fourth team in four years. Draw your own conclusions.

Will Barton: 4yrs/$54M – Denver Nuggets

One of the better players that most casual fans couldn’t pick out of a lineup.

DeAndre Jordan: 1yr/$24.1M – Dallas Mavericks

Never date your ex. Especially when your previous relationship lasted about a week.

Trevor Ariza: 1yr/$15M – Phoenix Suns

Trevor Ariza has left a contender to join a struggling young team on a one-year deal, for reasons known only to Trevor Ariza.

Derrick Favors: 2yrs/$36M – Utah Jazz

The Jazz continue to bet on their own guys, keeping their core intact.

Avery Bradley: 2yrs/$25M – Los Angeles Clippers

The good news for Avery Bradley: he lives in LA.

The bad news for Avery Bradley: he plays for the Clippers.

Talk about bittersweet.

Rudy Gay: 1yr/$10M – San Antonio Spurs

He’s not the Rudy Gay of old, but the man still has something to give, especially within the Spurs’ system.

Tyreke Evans: 1yr/$12M – Indiana Pacers

Evans had his first properly productive campaign in recent memory last season, and the Pacers are punting on it continuing. That is…let’s say…courageous.

Julius Randle: 2yrs/$18M – New Orleans Pelicans

Randle should form a dynamic defensive front-court with Davis. He’s also cheaper, younger and less-injured than DeMarcus Cousins.

Dante Exum: 3yrs/$33M – Utah Jazz

This deal shows the Jazz really believe in their oft-injured Aussie, who showed flashes of defensive brilliance while guarding James Harden in this year’s playoffs.

Jerami Grant: 3yrs/$27M – Oklahoma City Thunder

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The Thunder retain their athletic Swiss Army Knife.

Aron Baynes: 2yrs/$11M – Boston Celtics

Boston got a bargain on Embiid and Giannis’ lifelong nemesis.

Kevon Looney: 1yr/$2.1M – Golden State Warriors

The struggling Warriors were clearly relying on another bargain to stay afloat, so that’s a relief.

Derrick Rose: 1yr/$2.1M – Minnesota Timberwolves

Keep gettin’ them (Adidas) checks, D-Rose.

Nerlens Noel: 2yrs/$4.2M – Oklahoma City Thunder

It remains unclear whether complimentary hotdogs were included in the deal.

Gerald Green: 1yr/$2.4M – Houston Rockets

Despite his occasionally questionable shot selection, Green gives Houston more than bang for their buck with his instant offence.

Fred VanVleet: 2yrs/$18M – Toronto Raptors

The undrafted surprise packet’s star continues to rise.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope: 1yr/$12M – Los Angeles Lakers

Shoutout to Rich Paul.

Mario Hezonja: 1yr/$6.5M – New York Knicks

If Hezonja was any good, we’d know by now, right?

Aaron Gordon: 4yrs/$84M – Orlando Magic

After trading Victor Oladipo for five minutes of Serge Ibaka two years ago, Orlando couldn’t afford to lose another promising young player.

JaVale McGee: 1yr/$2.4M – Los Angeles Lakers

I’m all in on anything that involves JaVale McGee.

Marco Belinelli: 2yrs/$12M – San Antonio Spurs

Big loss for the 76ers, who really benefited from Marco’s shooting.

Lance Stephenson: 1yr/$4.5M – Los Angeles Lakers

Lance and LeBron, together at last. I dare you to tell me you saw this coming.

Elfrid Payton: 1yr/$2.7M – New Orleans Pelicans

At $2.7M, the New Orleans native is a low-risk move for the Pelicans. Especially considering there is no longer a possibility of having his shot blocked by his own hair.

J.J. Redick: 1yr/$12M – Philadelphia 76ers

Redick’s shooting was crucial in spacing the floor last season and becomes even more important following Belinelli’s departure.

Michael Carter-Williams: 1yr/$2.1M – Houston Rockets 

How the mighty ROY has fallen.

Mike Scott: 1yr/$2.4M – Los Angeles Clippers

That works out to about $15k per emoji tattoo.

More signings

Raymond Felton: 1yr/$2.4M – Oklahoma City Thunder

Amir Johnson – 1 yr/$2.4M – Philadelphia 76ers

Nik Stauskas: 1yr/$1.7M – Portland Trail Blazers

Derrick Jones Jr.: 2yrs/$4.1M – Miami Heat

Glenn Robinson III: 2yrs/$8.3M – Detroit Pistons

Salah Mejri: 1yr/$2.1M – Dallas Mavericks

Seth Curry: 2yrs/$2.75M – Portland Trail Blazers

Anthony Tolliver: 1yr/$5M – Minnesota Timberwolves

Omri Casspi: 1yr/$2.1M – Memphis Grizzlies

Ed Davis: 1yr/$4.4M – Brooklyn Nets

Doug McDermott: 3yrs/$22M – Indiana Pacers

Ersan Ilyasova: 3yrs/$21M – Milwaukee Bucks

Jose Calderon: 1yr/$2.4M – Detroit Pistons

Jeff Green: 1yr/$2.5M – Washington Wizards 

Joe Harris: 2yrs/$16M – Brooklyn Nets

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