Draymond Green Responds To Chris Webber’s Ridiculous Criticism

Draymond Green has responded to some eyebrow-raising criticism from Chris Webber in characteristic fashion.

Speaking on TNT this week, Webber said Green might not start on some teams because he could be expected to score more than he is in Golden State, noting Draymond is primarily expected to defend for the Warriors and “keep the system going”.

Green was quick to respond and listening to his answer was like eating a chilli-laced curry: you knew there was going to be some spice, you just didn’t know when it was going to kick in.

“If I did have a scorer’s mentality, it would throw all of this off,” Green said. “…I’ve been an All-Star twice averaging 11 points… He can’t find many GMs or coaches saying I wouldn’t start… My jewellery fit well.”

Green is a prideful character, and having built a career by doing what no one thought was possible, the last thing he wants to hear is that he isn’t good enough.

In fairness to Webber, he did note that Draymond defends extremely well and that his inherent unselfishness makes the Warriors tick.

But suggesting a team wouldn’t start Green if it was relying on his scoring is like saying 2005 Steve Nash would’ve come off the bench for a team reliant on his defensive prowess.

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