Jimmer Fredette and Stephon Marbury Got Into A Fiery Altercation In China

A particularly notable scuffle broke out in the Chinese Basketball Association on Friday and the combination of participants were likes of which the internet could usually only dream of…

Jimmer Fredette and Stephon Marbury.

Remember those guys?

Of course you do.

The altercation occurred when Shanghai Sharks’ Fredette was stopped by Beijing Beikong Fly Dragons’ Marbury on a drive to the rim.

Frustrated that he didn’t get a foul call, Fredette swiftly shoved Marbury as the ball went back the other way.

But attention quickly returned to the squabbling duo as players and referees rushed to separate them.

Marbury later told ESPN it was definitely a clean steal.

“”Haha, he forgot what an NBA steal felt like,” he said. “That’s how we played in ’96 and for sure in Coney Island.”

“Getting suspended for the season wasn’t worth letting him feel the real power, so I settled with a hug and a ‘good game’ after the game. All is well, I’ll see them in Beijing.”

While Marbury, who is something of a basketball god in China, was full of fighting words after the game, it was Fredette who had the last laugh.

Jimmer dominated the contest with 54 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists in a 123-119 overtime win.

As for Marbury?

He has 4 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists.

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