What Luka Doncic Texted Klay After He Joined Mavericks


Klay Thompson has traded Steph Curry for Luka Doncic after signing with the Mavericks.

The 13-season NBA veteran and five-time All-Star revealed in his introductory press conference that he received a message from Luka upon signing with Dallas.

“[Doncic] texted me saying how excited he is, and I relayed the same message back and I think there’s definitely a mutual respect there,” Thompson told reporters Tuesday. “I mean, I remember seeing him at the end of the West finals in 2022 and I told him how much I loved his game and how he really elevates his teammates, and the sky’s the limit for his ability.

“And I think that resonated well with him and he was real gracious in defeat, and I just appreciate someone who is not afraid of the moment and competes to the end and Luka fits that bill. So, I think we’ll be able to bring the best out of each other. I really do.”

Klay was very complimentary of the Slovenian superstar and it sounds like he’s been a big fan from day one.

“Luka, even before he got in the NBA, you watch his EuroLeague highlights, and you’re like ‘This 18 year old is doing this to grown men?, Klay said. “This is crazy’, so…The impact he had as rookie, you could see that he had greatness…”

Having the combination, skill and basketball knowledge of Luka, Klay and Kyrie Irving could prove to be a championship-winning formula for Dallas.

Thompson certainly seems to think so.

“I did see, I can really help this team,” Klay said on watching the Mavs in the 2023-24 NBA Finals. “They’re right there…Dirk went through it in his first Finals and Luka did too. We’re knocking on the door, and that’s what really got me excited to be here.”

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