DeMar DeRozan Shares True Feelings About Drake Following “Not Like Us” Cameo


DeMar DeRozan appeared to side with Kendrick Lamar amid the rapper’s bitter feud with Drake when he appeared on stage with Kendrick recently and in his “Not Like Us” music video, which dropped last week.

DeRozan had ties with Drake when he played for the Canadian artist’s beloved Toronto Raptors. But he also shares Compton roots with Lamar.

Fast-forward to this week and DeRozan spoke on the matter when he was jokingly asked whether his appearance in the “Not Like Us” music video meant his new home arena in Sacramento shouldn’t play Drake’s music.

“Love Drake, love Drake, always can play him,” DeRozan said in an interview with FOX40 News. “Kendrick been a friend of mine, damn-near family, for a long time… We from the same city, grew up damn-near in the same neighbourhood. It’s always been there. It hasn’t always been publicized, but that’s basically family.”

While DeRozan says he’s still a fan of Drake, his appearance in the “Not Like Us” music video attracted a lot of attention considering the track features Lamar doubling down on allegations against Drake of pedophilia and sexual misconduct.

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