Why Everyone Is Wrong About Bronny James’ Contract


Bronny James is no stranger to criticism, and he started taking even more heat online on Wednesday when ESPN reported that his contract would be a four-year deal worth $7.9 million.

Twitter (X) immediately blew up with folks in disbelief that someone drafted 55th overall would be given a four-year deal, with the cries of nepotism reaching fever pitch.

But NBA insider Sam Vecenie of The Athletic was quick to push back against that narrative.

“Guys, Bronny’s contract is not out of line with other picks in the 50s for teams looking to save money,” he tweeted. “Chris Livingston got 4 yrs, multiple guaranteed years at 58th in 2023. “TJD got the same at 57. Camara got the same at 52. This does happen.

“I’ve probably been among the more public draft folks out there saying that I don’t love Bronny as a player and think this whole thing is wild, but truly: Bronny or any other player getting this deal when selected this low is more a function of salary cap/new CBA than his game.”

While Bronny’s deal is not unheard of, it’s also true that many second-round picks are offered much less, such as short-term non-guaranteed contracts.

However, Bronny won’t have everything easy next season. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, he’ll spend the majority of the year in the G League.

In the immediate term, Bronny will make his Summer League debut for the Lakers against the Sacramento Kings in the California Classic on Saturday.

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