Draymond Green Reacts to Warriors Waiving Chris Paul

Paul Green

Draymond Green has given his candid response to the Warriors waiving nine-time All-Star Paul George.

Paul signed a one-year, $11 million-plus deal with the Spurs, since the Dubs waived him before free agency began.

Waiving Paul was a bit of a head scratcher from Golden State, since the franchise previously traded Jordan Poole to get him.

That means the Warriors gave away Poole for absolutely nothing – effectively salary dumping a 25-year-old for a 39-year-old, after CP3 played just one season with the team.

Digressions aside, Green was upset to lose such an experienced teammate and one of the most respected veterans in the league.

“Another one that I am very sad about is CP [Chris Paul],” Green said on The Draymond Green Show. “I don’t know if it was documented on how we hated each other, but I am very sad to know that he’s leaving this team. Because in my head, I’m like ‘Man, seeing CP finishing his career here, that would be dope,’ and again this is part of the business that sucks.

“One year with CP and I’m like ‘Man, I really love this dude, like he’s incredible, one of the best teammates I’ve ever had,’ and then he’s gone, and that is the weird part about this business, but it made me really sad. So, between, like, in a day of finding out that Klay [Thompson] and CP [are leaving], I’ve been sad the last few days trying to process my thoughts.

“Nonetheless, CP, Pop [Spurs coach Gregg Popovich] whose still is a genius. Pairing CP with Wemby to teach that young fella the way. CP is one of the greatest vets I’ve ever been around and that’s going to be great. Spending the year with CP and I’m a vet…he was a vet to me. It’ll be great for Wemby. And the young fella [Stephon] Castle. …That is a genius move by the Spurs, man.”

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Paul has improved the winning percentage of every single team he’s been on, so no doubt the Spurs could use a bit of Point God magic.

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