Suns Owner Addresses Kevin Durant Trade Rumors

Kevin Durant

Suns owner Mat Ishbia has heard the rumors about a Kevin Durant trade this summer and he’s taken to X to address them.

“NBA Draft night is the best. Everyone talking about the drama and storylines, some are right and some are just wrong,” he wrote. “My turn. Phoenix loves Kevin Durant and Kevin Durant loves Phoenix, and we are competing for a championship this year because we have the team to do it. Gotta love draft night! Go Suns.”

Various NBA media personalities and insiders have shared that the Rockets are trying to make a play for Kevin Durant.

On First Take, Stephen A. Smith even went as far to say that, “Pay no attention to what Phoenix is saying. They want out of Kevin Durant right now.”

Scoop B Robinson also said that besides Houston, “Dallas and Chicago also have some level of interest in Kevin Durant, I’m hearing.”

However, longtime insider Shams Charania said on NBA draft day that a KD trade is completely off the table.

“I’m told the Suns are not trading Kevin Durant. There is a zero percent chance, I’m told, that the Suns move Kevin Durant this offseason,” Charnaia reported on Stadium’s NBA Draft show. I repeat: A zero percent chance. They want to see this big three of Durant, Devin Booker and Bradley Beal healthy and on the floor under (new coach) Mike Budenholzer.”

ESPN‘s Brian Windhorst echoed Shams’ sentiments.

“It is because they are interested in tempting the Suns to try to trade them Kevin Durant now. They don’t want to do this later. They want to put this on the table to see if the Suns would be tempted by it,” Windhorst said Wednesday on Get Up about the Rockets’ run at Durant. “Now, Mat Ishbia, owner of the Suns, has been out there on the record saying we are bringing this back, we want to see these three stars healthy. Durant, to my knowledge, has not asked for a trade to Houston or anywhere else. Booker is fully invested in the Suns, but this move is bait. It is bait to the Suns to reconsider.”

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