Boston Fans Called Out For Stomping on Kyrie Doll in Disturbing Scenes


Boston Celtics fans have drawn heavy criticism for beating up a blow-up doll with Kyrie Irving’s face on it.

The incident occurred outside TD Garden before Game 1 of the NBA Finals and sparked outrage online:

Irving did not discuss the incident postgame, but he did speak about the reception he received from Celtics fans inside the arena.

“It’s just basketball at the end of the day,” he said. “Being in this environment, I’m used to it at this point. Early in my career, there was a different relationship that I had with Boston, being able to come here and be settled with a veteran group. Now, I’m here as a veteran.

“Over the past few years, just experiencing the playoffs here, even the regular season, it’s been the same thing. I thought it was going to be a little bit louder in here. But I’m expecting the same things going into Game 2 – crowd trying to get me out of my element, to get my teammates out of their element.

“But again, the energy has to be focused towards the game. I felt I had a lot of great looks. It hit back rim, or they were just a little left or right. I just have to stay confident and stay poised throughout this.”

Whether or not the crowd played a part, Irving struggled mightily on the court. He finished with 12 points, three rebounds and two assists on 6-19 shooting, as Dallas suffered a 107-89 defeat.

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