DeMar DeRozan on Beef With Dillon Brooks: ‘I Just Don’t Like Him’


DeMar DeRozan has spoken honestly about the incident that saw him and Dillon Brooks ejected after a scuffle during a Bulls-Rockets game in March.

During the March 23 contest, Bulls guard DeRozan rushed toward Rockets guard Jalen Green to defend him and ended up bumping into him and Green fell on the floor.

Green was in some discomfort on the floor and his teammate Brooks confronted DeRozan about it, which led to a massive confrontation that players, coaches and officials had to break up.

DeMar recently spoke about the incident and explained that he wasn’t happy with the way Brooks came up behind him while he wasn’t looking.

“I’m not going to lie, I just don’t like him,” DeRozan said on The 25/10 Show. “And for two, don’t walk up behind me, that’s rule number one, don’t walk up on no man behind him when his back’s turned.”

DeRozan went on to explain that he’s had many a scuffle on the court in his time, with players like Draymond Green, but says his altercation with Brooks wasn’t the same.

“Don’t run up behind me, and just don’t talk s**t, I respect everybody,” DeRozan said. “Now if you’re my man, me and Draymond [Green] talk crazy to each other but that’s my man.”

Brooks has quite a rep in the NBA, after stirring up a HUGE beef with LeBron James last season.

As the story goes, Brooks caused so many issues for the Grizzlies with his unsavory behavior that he was traded away to the Rockets.

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