Draymond Green & Rasheed Wallace Get Heated Over 2017 Warriors Debate


Former Pistons player Rasheed Wallace has been trading blows with Draymond Green over whether the 2004 Pistons would be able to beat the 2017 Warriors.

Golden State 2017 team were one of the best offensive teams in NBA history, while the 2004 Detroit team were on the most elite defensive teams ever witnessed.

Last week, Wallace stirred things up when he said that his 2004 Pistons championship team would cause problems for the Dubs.

“We would have beat the sh*t out of [the Warriors] because for the simple fact, they couldn’t match up with us at any position,” Wallace said on Sheed & Tyler. “Steph’s not a defender. He would have had to guard Rip. How many screens Rip coming off of,” Wallace said confidently. He then named what he felt was other matchup problems such as Tayshaun Prince’s scoring ability, which he often didn’t show because of his elite wing defense, and Chauncy Billups playmaking.”

Green responded on X, “Sheed we would’ve smacked yall. Yall was scoring 72 points per game. That’s not winning a half. And we putting you and them big ass forces in every pick and roll. Let’s see you move them feet. That one ring was great though big bro. We all appreciated it!”

Wallace then hit Green back on X, but made sure to clarify there is nothing but love between the two.

“First and foremost this isn’t a beef, Draymond is my lil bro who I am proud of so no matter what we say it will never be personal so don’t try to blow this up cause we both know how cats do!!!”

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He then responded to Green’s tweet, saying, “Dray you already know how we got down on that squad!! Don’t matter the rules yours or ours …. y’all as a team were too f*ckin little… you can ask more than half ya teammates (who we played against) on that roster… and we can keep it with that year b/c no way yall could fuck with any of us in our prime… at any point I can come on ya show or you can come visit mines and we can go thru the roster man for man coach for coach ….”

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