NBA Analyst Suggests New Team for Chris Paul Trade

Paul Bulls

The Chris Paul trade rumors are relentless, so why not throw another one into the mix?

In recent weeks, the veteran All-Star point guard has been linked to the Clippers, Spurs and of course, the Lakers.

But one NBA analyst has thrown a dark horse into the mix and suggested the Warriors explore a trade option for CP3 with the Bulls.

Lonzo Ball is saying that he will be able to participate in the first game of the 2024-2025 regular season after missing 2 and a half years of NBA, but ESPN‘s Chris Herring still thinks landing Paul makes sense.

“Even if Ball is able to come back now that he’s had a meniscus transplant, Chicago is going to need a table setter, either to serve as a starter as Ball eases into things or to relieve him and play decent minutes,” Herring said. “And who better to do that than Paul, who, even as he nears the age of 40, is still a solid offensive player.

Herring continued, “He wouldn’t be a long-term answer for the Bulls, who have a ton of questions to answer about their roster at large. (Among them: Will 34-year-old free agent DeMar DeRozan be brought back this summer? How about 22-year-old restricted free agent Patrick Williams? And what about the trade chatter with Zach LaVine?) But giving them stability at guard will be a plus for a team that abruptly learned just how much good point guard play matters. Having Paul would make them better, whether it’s as a starter or off the bench.”

Paul learnt to come off the bench for the first time in his career this season at Golden State.

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Paul’s $30 million salary could be waived by the Warriors before the salary is guaranteed on June 28, meaning the Bulls could pick him up.

The 39-year-old stats in the regular season were still impressive, after he averaged 9.2 points, 3.9 rebounds and 6.8 assists in 26.4 minutes.

Paul’s assist-to-turnover ratio is among the best in NBA history among players who’ve logged 1,000 games.

It was incredible again this season, at 5.17-to-1.

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