Bill Simmons Rips Joe Mazzulla After Game 1 Win Over Pacers


It’s no secret that Bill Simmons hasn’t approved of Boston coach Joe Mazzulla’s methods and he ripped the second year NBA coach after the C’s got away with a lucky win in Game 1.

Simmons doesn’t think Mazzulla prepared correctly for Game 1 against Indiana, despite having far more time to get ready.

“I’m still kind of in a dark place even after a great win. I just don’t know if I trust the coach [Joe Mazzulla],” Simmons said on his self-titled podcast The Bill Simmons podcast. “I’m just gonna be honest, I don’t know if I trust his ability to read a series or a game ahead of time, and it feels like by Game 4 they’ll be making some of these adjustments.”

The NBA analyst went on to explain that Pacers coach Rick Carlisle had a much better game plan than his opponent and knew how to exploit Boston.

“[Rick] Carlisle just had this team so figured out heading into Game 1, Simmons said. “He knew like the three things. I’m going to put Siakam at the foul line, when they put their bench out I’m going to attack this, I’m going to unleash [Obi] Toppin when he goes in, I’m gonna keep trying to hunt [Al] Horford especially in the fourth quarter, like he was saving that a little bit you know because it wasn’t like they’re hunting Horford the whole game they’re picking their spots, and then fourth quarter they really started going after him.

The Pacers were well in the contest for most of the game, but Tyrese Haliburton choked the game away late and Jaylen Brown shot a three at the death to take the game into OT.

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The Celtics dominated from there.

Simmons didn’t hold back on his opinions about Carlisle outcoaching Mazzulla, but after the game Carlisle blamed himself for the loss because he didn’t call a timeout late in the fourth that could have prevented a turnover.