Paul George On Where it All Went Wrong for the Clippers


Despite having four All-Star veterans on the roster, the Clippers weren’t able to make it past the first round of the playoffs and Paul George has spoken honestly about where things went wrong.

LAC started off strong with a Game 1 win, but lost Game 2 at home. The series ended up going to six games, but the Clippers missed plenty of good opportunities to capitalize throughout.

George says the Clips tried too hard to play ‘hero ball’ during plays and should have been smarter about it.

“We should’ve played a lot quicker, we should’ve tried to get in transition more, after rebounds we should have tried to get out and run the lanes,” Paul George said Podcast P With Paul George. “We should’ve tried to play on the second side, forced the ball to reverse a couple times, where we could attack with our iso players. But I thought we came down, and rightfully so it happens, you try to play hero ball, you try to make the big plays, you try to be the scorer and be dominant but you fail to realize sometimes you have to take what the defense gives you and it might not be your night, or it might be your night later in the game, opposed to try and will it to be your night, and I think we got in trouble with that.”

During Game 6, PG-13 and James Harden shot a combined 2-16 from three-point range (George was 2-10 and Harden was 0-6) and they were both subsequently roasted for their terrible performances by NBA fans. 

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Not to mention, Kawhi was injured in the postseason AGAIN.

It will be interesting to see if the Clippers blow it up this summer, or stick to their veteran core.

Paul George as a free agent this summer will definitely have a big decision to make.