Draymond Green Takes Savage Shot at Jusuf Nurkic After Suns Get Swept

Green Nurkic

Well, it looks like Draymond Green had the last laugh in his beef with Suns big man Jusuf Nurkic.

Things became heated between the pair when Green struck Nurkic in the face during a Warriors-Suns game back in December.

Draymond was banned indefinitely from the league and missed 12 games over the incident, while having to undergo mandatory counselling.

So after the Warriors were eliminated in the NBA Play-In Tournament by Kings, Nurkic thought he was pretty slick after making a post on X, clearly aimed at Green.

But, unfortunately for Nurkic, Phoenix were eliminated in the first round in a far more embarrassing way than the Warriors were in the Play-In.

The Suns were swept by the Wolves and as an individual player, Nurkic is now 3-17 in the playoffs.

This means he has the WORST playoff win percentage (15 percent) of anyone in NBA history. (min 20 games).

Draymond waited for his moment and took a shot at the Suns center on the latest episode of the The Draymond Green Show.

“Unfortunately, that is all, folks,” Green said. “Yeah, that is all, folks.

“Yeah, you got to be really careful when you’re not that successful and you try to take jabs at people when you don’t play a large enough role in your team’s success [and] when you can’t really affect the outcome of the game. Like, you can go have 20 rebounds and lose a game. When you really don’t affect the outcome of the game, it’s really tough to take jabs at people because you got a jab in there and, like, you can’t affect what your end result is.

Draymond added, “So, yeah. The big softie bowed out.”

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To add further insult to injury, the four-time Warriors champion also used Nurkic’s quote against him on his IG story.

Could this be the end of the Nurkic-Green beef, or will things carry over into next season?